A Kitesurfing Buddhist??

The moment I first saw people kitesurfing, I was fascinated. Having flown stunt kites as a boy and enjoyed windsurfing in my 20s, it seemed right up my street.

But it didn’t seem a very Buddhist thing to do…..!

I had a holiday in Tarifa, the southernmost tip of Spain, where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic. There’s a wonderful view of Africa – the Atlas mountains are just a 40-minute ferry ride across the water. And the clear blue sky is full of brightly coloured kites twisting and turning, as their pilots skim across the water on their kiteboards.

I couldn’t resist!

It turned out to be even harder than I thought –  imagine learning to control the 3 strings of a monstrously powerful kite, while lying on your back in the surf and trying to stand up on a tiny board. But the difficulty made it totally engaging – I wasn’t thinking of anything else! And I simply had to be in my body.

When I got back to the office, I was astonished.  I’d never had such good body awareness in all my life. I also found myself more emotionally present. I’d been striving for that for over 24 years!

How about you. What activities help you get into your body?