Tanya’s Transformed Train Ride

The carriage was full of people behaving badly – lots of drunken noise and profanity.  Tania wasn’t enjoying the journey one bit.  “OK, so they’re going to the Carnival,” she thought, “but can’t they keep it down a bit? Do I have to put up with this?”

Then something remarkable happened. Tanya’s thoughts started to change.  She started imagining Notting Hill with the Carnival going on, all the colourful images, people having fun.  And then the people on the train seemed quite normal really – just going off to enjoy themselves.  And Tanya started to enjoy herself too.

When she told me about this, she was sort-of pleased… but also a bit disturbed….  “I can’t trust my own thoughts any more!”


photo by Pedro Cambra (via Flickr)


Why so? How can it be good to lose confidence in your own thoughts?

Well, thoughts are just thoughts. They come and go in the mind. Sometimes they’re true. Sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they’re helpful. Sometimes they’re not.

But they have an effect.

Try asking yourself, “If I keep going with thoughts like this, what kind of person will I become?”

If I keep going with complaining and judgemental thoughts, how will that change my speech? If I keep speaking complaining and judgemental words, what kind of company will I attract? If I keep complaining and judgemental company, what kind of person will I become?

On the other hand, if I keep going with appreciation, if I keep enjoying the good fortune of others, if I keep on imagining what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes…..  what kind of person will I become then?

It’s up to you!

So next time life seems a bit less than perfect, why not check out the thoughts that are arising in your mind. If they’re helpful, and taking you to a good place – great! But if not, why not just let them pass, and move on to fresh thoughts that brighten your day?

The police in Notting Hill seemed to get into the spirit….