About Me

Shakya Kumara is a management trainer and coach, specialising in:

  • Brief Mindfulness. Grounded in 24 years of personal mindfulness practice, Shakya’s innovative mindfulness training helps even the busiest people reduce stress, get things done more easily and enjoy life more.
  • Time Management.  Shakya is the developer of the iFLOW model of “Time Management You’ve Got Time For” – which has been trained in Asia, Australasia, and around Europe.  This works by tailoring time improvements for each individual – small steps that make a big difference.
  • Negotiation. As the developer of the “ART” and “MAGIC” models of “Agreement Focused Negotiation” (also trained internationally), Shakya is particularly well placed to help develop negotiation skills and prepare for particularly tricky negotiation.
  • Performance Management – that actually improves performance! As well as coaching managers in this key ongoing skill, Shakya consults on optimising systems and training so that people start to look forward to appraisal meetings!
  • Delegation is a crucial tool in any managers toolkit.  Shakya’s approach combines Covey’s Stewardship model with a Solution Focused approach, into a crisp 4 part model.
  • Coaching Skills for Managers. A coaching management style develops people at the same time as bringing out optimal engagement and performance.  In association with www.sfwork.com, Shakya trains groups of managers in “Solution Focused” coaching skills.

“Using the methods Shakya taught us, we’ve been able to cut our project planning workshops with customers from 3 or 4 days down to 1 day. Not only that, we can do things with our customers that we could never do before.”  Jonas Lundin, Hi5 IT Consultancy, Sweden.

Shakya really loves a challenge – and as a coach he works by helping people to discover strengths they didn’t realise they had, and ways forward they didn’t think possible.  So if you’ve got a really tough situation and you’ve tried everything else, Shakya would love to hear from you!

“Shakya’s warm, genuine approach helped me feel comfortable, open up and really use the coaching sessions well”, Jane Baker, NHS Manager

Shakya’s background ranges from blue-sky software research to leadership and management, from charities to multinationals, from retail to high-technology.  His recent clients include the UK National Health Service, Hi5 (a Swedish IT consultancy) and the National Australia Bank.

“High energy and enthusiasm that is infectious and phenomenally productive.  I thoroughly recommend for any organisation or individual.” Steve Batson, Service Manager, Avon and Wiltshire Partnership NHS Trust

Outside of work, Shakya is a keen landscape photographer, and loves to relax in the peace and beauty of nature.

“It was pure joy to be led by you at the conference, undoubtably the finest I have experienced. I do hope for the chance to spend time with you again,” Forest Paget MBA, Solomon Theatre Company